Sustainability is not an end point, but a continuous process

The target? Achieving a positive impact on the living environment. That starts with the drivers within our organization. Sustainability comes from within and works through to the chain. We believe in sustainable and innovative services on the one hand and socially responsible business operations on the other.

This is how Berser is committed to lower CO2 emissions

At Berser Network Logistics, the majority of CO2 emissions are caused by the vehicle fleet. We are therefore continuously working on making our trucks, vans and cars more sustainable.

For example, we have drawn up procedures in our environmental management system for the sustainable procurement of vehicles. When purchasing, we take a critical look at the engine, fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. But we also look at things like cruise control, speed limiters, gear shift indicators, tire pressure gauges and aerodynamics.

The new driving at Berser

Our drivers all follow the 'The new driving' course. In this way they learn to drive in an environmentally conscious way. The result? Less fuel consumption and lower CO2 emissions per vehicle. We also monitor consumption per vehicle and driving behaviour. Where possible, we take measures.

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