Import and export overseas 

Agents network 

In cooperation with the OEC Group of companies, BERSER is able to provide NVOCC services to the largest industrial centres in the Far-East and America. Our staff has the knowledge to advice you 24 hours a day in the many specific demands in this shipping area. The following activities like handling,  container transport and customs are all provided “in-house” by our own staff.

BERSER provides a weekly groupage (LCL) service from Hong Kong/Shenzen and Shanghai to Rotterdam. This is possible because of our cooperation Up Swing Agency Limited, a family company with whom BERSER has been working for over 15 years.


Customs handling 

BERSER possesses several licenses in customs handling. There is a Entrepot-C license for our warehouse, this makes us able to store bonded goods as well as goods in free circulation in the same part of the warehouse. Furthermore we got licenses to raise and accept customs documents associated with the permission for issuing  the transit documents ourselves.  Furthermore we do business for several multinational enterprises as a fiscal representative and mediation in improvement licences belongs to the possibilities.


Up Swing Agency LTD