BeneLux en European Distribution

BeNeLux distribution        

Because of the 2000 m2 platform warehouse on our location in the Spaanse Polder in Rotterdam North-West, our warehouse is perfectly suitable for quick transhipment of general cargo and pallets, these are the goods which are  exchanged within the system of DistriXL  between the 5 partner companies in the Netherlands. The point behind the cooperation is a daily exchange of small shipments, which makes every individual member able to offer distribution throughout the entire Netherlands, even for really small shipments. Annualy over 2.000.000 shipments are carried by the 5 members. To make this possible every day, we have 125 vehicles on the road every day! DistriXL is available in the entire Netherlands, also in your area!




European express pallet distribution

Specially for the transport of pallets, BERSER uses trucks equipped with a hydraulic loading bridge. The shipments are transferred centrally. The Palletways system allows every client to follow their shipment over the Internet. Through the palletways system we are able to deliver pallets for our clients in an effective and economically interesting way with fixed lead-times in the BeNeLux, Germany, United Kingdom, Spain and Italy.





Special service 

When the need is high, production has halted or the relationship with your client is under pressure and every other possibility of transport doesn’t show an outcome, than the solution is simple. One phone call to BERSER and one of our delivery vans is at your door in no-time and  will drive directly to the destination, nationaly as well as internationaly. We have several delivery vans with a capacity of 500 to 3000 KGs. Obviously we can also do special rides with our 13.60m trailers. In other words: “the sky is the limit”